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Koral is a master colorist, candle maker, and EFT somatic practitioner. Since 2017, she has specialized in custom hair colors, including vivid rainbows, lived-in looks, hand-painted balayage, coppers, brunettes, bleach and tones, and color corrections. Koral has been in the salon industry since 2005.

She focuses on building relationships, promoting self-care, encouraging authentic living, and fostering radical self-expression. Her lifelong passion is helping others curate their avatars to feel like their most authentic selves.

In addition to hair services, Koral offers EFT somatic therapy, which uses tapping on meridian points to rewire neural pathways. This technique helps the body feel safe, dissolves limiting beliefs, and fosters love, compassion, empathy, and abundance. It can process stored trauma and emotions quickly, having profound impacts on one's life.

Koral also creates and offers monthly candle drops in the salon. These candles, made from non-carcinogenic scents and soy wax blends, are hand-poured and imbued with intentions for daily life. They can be picked up in the salon!



With a decade of industry experience, Lizzie is not only a seasoned hairstylist but also a dedicated community builder, deeply invested in nurturing connections beyond the salon walls. Originally a small-town Mid-Missouri gal, Lizzie found her true home in Denver back in 2014. Since then, she has been wielding scissors and mixing colors with unmatched passion and expertise.
Lizzie's journey in hairstyling is intertwined with her commitment to community engagement. Actively participating in local organizations and initiatives in Denver, particularly within the LGBTQ+ community, she sees each client interaction as an opportunity to foster a sense of belonging and solidarity.
Before diving into the world of hair, Lizzie studied Cellular and Molecular Biology. Although she didn’t complete her degree, the knowledge she gained has given her a unique understanding of hair on a molecular level. This scientific insight has been further enriched by her role as an educator for K18, a biotech hair company. Lizzie is also the proud owner and founder of Root & Shadow, where she not only transforms hair but also creates merch for alternative hairstylists.
Specializing in vivid colors, bombshell blondes, and managing thick hair, Lizzie brings a creative and technical edge to her work. She believes hairstylists are community builders who don't just change your look; they change your day, your mood, and your life.
When she's not behind the chair or diving into educational content, you'll find Lizzie on the yoga mat, singing in an a cappella ensemble, or advocating for social justice. She shares her life with her incredible partner, David, and their three cats.